What We Offer

Corporate/Company Law:

In corporate/company practice we deal with the relevant authorities in the formation of a company. Thus, we help our clients form companies of their choice. We also interface with the relevant authorities who deal with securities of a company. Securities may include shares of companies. Consultation on any kind of business the clients wants to engage in or any corporate/company related matters is also rendered.

Property/Land Law:

Property/Land law is a very serious Matter especially when it comes to succession, buying or selling landed properties. We engage in the investigation of landed properties so that our clients will not fall into the hands of fraudsters.  The service of Drafting  all legal documents and interfacing with relevant authorities as regards Landed Properties is rendered by us. We help our clients draft wills and codicil to preserve family unity. We are consultants to all property related issues.

Family Law

Family issues are very complicated. Ranging from custody of a child, dividing of properties among separated couples down to the form of marriage that needs to be performed for a marriage to be valid and legal. We help our clients to institute legal actions in court if he or she wishes to get divorce. However before such action is instituted, reconciliation processes will be initiated to make sure couples are not divorcing over matters that can be resolved.


Lawyers of this firm belong to prestigious bodies who deal on mediation and conciliation. Parties who wish to settle their disputes out of court have the right to do so. A process is initiated between the parties to settle their problems amicably. this is one of the fastest way of seeking justice. It is an advantage available.

Fundamental rights:

We frown against police brutality or any form of human right abuse. We help our client make sure justice is given to him or her for any form of human right violation. Nobody is given justice unless the victim initiates the process by contacting us.

Child adoption process:

We undertake the legal process of helping our clients who wishes to adopt children

Other practice area: we help our client to achieve their desired results in the area we are being consulted.

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